Monday, February 3, 2014

Agility X

Today's workout was one that I am sure will be one of my favourites.  First of all I pushed myself and woke up around 515 am so I could get the work done in the morning. It truly energized me and was wonderful to not have to worry about squeezing it in later in the day. This was my whole reason for buying these workout DVDs so I could simply put on my shorts and get a fabulous and challenging workout in my own home without having to go anywhere!

The idea behind the workout was high intensity cardio and has you moving around 2 lines  and 6 x's in your own living room.

I loved the high intensity and constant changes, not to mention Tony's quirky attitude :)

The only down side was that Tim and I cannot do this workout together, out living room just isn't big enough.

Tony does a great job at keeping you on your toes, literally, as every minute he has you trying something new. Again I am sure I will become faster and much for AGILE once I learn the drills a little better.


Breakfast oatmeal with egg whites. banana, walnuts and a splash of almond milk. Cup of coffee.

1st snack - apple and a pumpkin muffin Coffee

lunch - Salad greek yogurt with chia and an orange (no dressing) water

Afterwork snack - multigrain bagel with peanut butter and a large half coffee half hot chocolate  ( I forgot my Vega protein bar at home and I was in desperate need  of caffeine after my 515 am wake up and very stressful workday).

Dinner - bowl of Skinny Tastes Pasta Fageoli and water.

I drank about 3 water bottle of water in total.

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