Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 1 Total Synergistics and our fit tests

We started P90X3 yesterday with our fit test, before pictures and measurements.

I am pretty pleased with my before photos and my measurements as I am decent shape due to all my hard work last year.

My fit test results were like wise ok. I failed miserably on my pull ups (no surprise) What I was surprised about was my core strength, actually lack of core strength. I knew I was weak here, I can barely hold a plank. I really hope that I build up my core strength during this process.

Tonight Tim and I started the real deal. We completed the Total Synergistics DVD and true to its word the workout only lasted 30 mins.

The warm up was quick and to the point and focussed on dynamic movements that gets your juices flowing.

Once in the main portion of the work the average exercise only lasted around 60 secs. I love that idea! I can do anything for 60 seconds!! P90X3 also incorporates tiny rest periods between sets for allow you to catch your breathe.

Being that it was the very first video I think that we did pretty good. I often had to stop to watch to be sure I was doing the movement correctly. I also kept my weights really light. Next week I will be sure to ramp it up a bit. Tony highly recommends writing your reps and weight on the P90X work sheets. He even gives you a time and reminders to do so throughout the DVD. I will most definitely do so next week.

My first overall impression is that this workout program seems to be right up my alley and totally within my range of capability.

I can't wait for tomorrow's workout :)

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