Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Tips

It's Tuesday and time for a few Fit Mamma Tips.

Please note: I am not a personal trainer, coach, nutritionist or the like. I am simply a Mamma who loves fitness. Therefore, please consult a doctor or personal trainer before starting a new fitness program.

As you know I have chosen to do 20 minutes of yoga per day for my latest  Best Body Bootcamp goal. I feel that stretching is a treat for my body and flexibility is a key component to being fit.

Yoga Tips

1. Dress for it - This doesn't mean you need to run out and spend your pay cheque on the latest Lululemon yoga wear. However, you should wear clothing that is both comfortable and allows you to move with ease. You should avoid items that are too baggie (to avoid getting tangled) or too snug. You should be able to breathe with ease in these items. I also recommend going barefoot so you can feel your mat below you and to prevent slipping.

2.  Choose the right location - I believe that your space should be warm and inviting. It should also be a quiet peaceful place. Its hard to concentrate and enjoy your practice if your kids are fighting and you are spending every down dog fretting over the toys on the floor. I also believe you need a warm space, as muscles move better when they are warm. Its no fun to shiver during your warrior pose.

3. Warm up - Don't just jump into backbends or head stands. Warm up slowly moving towards more difficult poses. Repeat each series several times getting deeper into the pose as you go. Your muscles need to be coaxed into deeper more difficult poses to prevent injuries.

4. Hold - Remember to hold your pose for a couple of breathes to reap the true benefits. Breathe deeply and try to keep a flat back (unless the pose requires a rounded back). While you may not get as deep or low into your pose you benefit more from a pose with a flat back. With practice you will be able to hold the pose longer and move a little deeper. Don't cheat yourself by rushing through it.

5. Breathe  - Breathing in yoga is just as important as the movement itself. Deep belly breathing will allow you to relax and move deeper into the pose. Anyone can hold a difficult pose if they are holding their breathe. Its a learned skill to be able to relax and breath deeply.

6. Stop if it hurts - You are meant to feel the stretch during yoga but it should not HURT. If it hurts, ease back. Talk to an instructor if you have particular injuries or tender areas, you may need to modify your pose.

7. Relax and enjoy  - Be sure to see your practice to the end. Don't skip out on the quiet meditation / relaxation at the end of the class / video. This portion will recharge you and help put you in a positive state of mind so you are ready to take on your day.

8. Choose the right class for you -  Make sure you do a little research before starting a yoga class. If you are a beginner you will want more guidance through the moves. Also consider the time of day. Some series are designed to recharge and energize, not exactly ideal before bed!  Also take care if you are a pregnant or a new mom. Seek out a class that is designed for this special time of your life.

I hope you have found these tips to be useful.

Do you take a yoga class? If so what class you you enjoy most?

Don't have access to a yoga studio? I don't :( Give this online website a try. The have a two week free trial going on now!

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