Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I've been eating - Skating Comp. Edition

Yup It's Wednesday and time to talk food!

It is pretty easy to eat well at home. I mean you make a meal plan filled with nutrient dense foods, create the list and off you go to the grocery store!

Now all you have to do is stick to the great choices you already made, your house is filled with heathy food.

Traveling is tougher, but even worse than a simple road trip or a visit to the relatives is being stuck in an arena for 3 days straight!
I mean arena canteens have to have the worse possible food choices: pop, nachos and their plastic cheese, hot dogs, popcorn and candy over load!

Lucky for me my recent exposures to healthier eating had me prepared!

Before I left I made baggies filled with almonds, and Vega Savi Seeds. Once I arrived at our destination I bought dried fruit to add to my baggies. I also bought a few protein bars to help keep me filled. Paired with my water bottle I was all set. I am happy to say that I didn't once eat any of the garbage from the rink.

But of course I wasn't perfect either. I did enjoy several Starbucks Lattes (with non fat milk) and a dessert or two with dinner. But at least I did my best to keep with truly nasty stuff out of my system.

I'll be faced with a similar situation next week when I fly to visit my Mom for her 60th birthday. I'll be extra prepared for the long flights and be sure to buy fresh,  nutrient dense foods once I'm there!

How do you prepare for travel?
Do you bring snacks from home or just "let yourself go?"

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