Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I'm Eating Wednesday!

When It comes to food I am not your typical fit blogger. I do not follow any specific diet, paleo, clean, vegan. As a busy mamma to three growing girls (all of which are lean (E is actually under weight)) I have to balance good for you food with for that they will actually eat.

While most bloggers will show you their menus filled with bean burgers, protein smoothies, and carbless lunches. My blog will have a different spin. I have nothing against eating clean or being vegan it just doesn't work for us.

Here's a run down of what we eat:

MEAT - beef, chicken, pork, seafood and fish

BREAD - rye, whole wheat, english muffins, tortillas. I particularly like to bake my own whole wheat bread.

FRUIT and Veggies - in that order. We like fruit more than veggies and we eat a lot of it.

DAIRY - 2% milk for the kiddos, skim for Mamma and dad, greek yogurt, cheese (lots of it), ice cream (store bought and homemade)

SWEETS - yes we eat sweets. This Mamma loves to bake so you will often find homemade muffins, loaves, cookies, pie, cake or other yummy things in our home. We don't eat them everyday all day, but I believe part of being a kid is enjoying milk and cookies before bed or having a yummy homemade muffin in your lunch.

We also sometimes eat things like KD (Kraft Mac and cheese) hot dogs, bacon, marshmallows, etc. I feel life is too short to not eat a hot dog once in a while. The same goes for fast food. We live in a tiny remote community that does not offer fast food. So, when we head out of town we often stop at McDonald's for a treat (maybe 4 times a year!).

Here are things I personally try to avoid - fried food, candy, chips, pop (soda) and other nutrient void treats. My kids are allowed to have a treat once in a while but none of these food LIVE in our house.

I truly believe that everything is ok in moderation and it is the SUM of your food choices that define you not individual choices. I feel that my kids deserve to not only eat good, wholesome foods but also have the right to enjoy a treat once in a while - YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

Here are a few snap shots of some of our favourite foods:

pumpkin pancakes!
Homemade tomato soup

Cinnamon Buns fresh out of the oven

Healthy Snacks

What do you and your family eat?
Do you follow a specific eating style?
How do you find food balance?

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  1. You can come bake at my house anytime! My kids and husband just eat mostly healthy, with a little not so healthy mixed in. My kids have a snack every night - sometimes it is fruit, sometimes it's a cookie.

    I'm trying out a paleoish diet, mostly because I have a wicked sugar addiction and could eat a loaf of bread in one sitting. I'm trying to see if I can break that "need".


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