Monday, March 11, 2013

Workout Recaps

Last Monday was the official start to the Spring Bootie Buster Challenged hosted by Amanda over at run to the finish. I loved the Holiday bootie Buster so much that I knew the SBBC was the thing for me to do.

Each day we earn points for eating 7-9 freggies (fruits and/ or veggies) drinking water and moving our body. The big goal over the next 7 weeks is that we bootie busters will develop life long habits,  while challenging ourselves and maybe win a prize while we are at it.

I think I had a pretty solid start to my week. I hit all my targets for water and freggies and got in a decent amount to exercise. I was a little light on Wednesday which should have been a 45 min run plus stretching, but due to family obligations I only got in a 20 min cross fit workout. I also never found time to do the workout of the week - WOW. This stinks because the Wow is a double whammy - you earn points for the exercise and a bonus point plus you can do it all week long if you want. Its definitely on this weeks to do list!

Here is what my week looked like:

Monday - 4 mile run plus stretching, simple out and back towards Madsen. It was hilly and cold. I through in telephone pole intervals to challenge myself.

Tuesday - Cross fit workout - 7 rounds of: 7 push press, 7 crunches, 7 burpees. Followed that with planks ( i am so trying to improve my core strength) push ups and stretching.

Wednesday - Cross Fit Mama's Hope for Kenya - 12 mins AMRAP - 50 squats, 30 push ups, 15 pull ups. I got 3 rounds of the squats and push ups and 2 rounds of pull ups. Stretched and hit the road.

Thursday - more Crossfit. I gave the Cross Fit Mom's 13.1 WOD a go. It is a far cry easier than the the official Cross Fit 13.1 WOD and is mainly designed for pregger or postpartum mothers. But what can I say I am not an elite athlete and cross fit is about scaling workouts. I did the intermediate workout because I had never done a snatch before and didn't want to hurt myself or my living room.

13.1 WOD

12 burpees
15 snatch 45 lb
12 burpees
15 snatch
12 burpees
15 snatch
12 burpees
Again I did some core work (I found a great workout from Women's Health that used a kettle bell. Followed by more stretching (stretching is an easy point, plus it feels so good!)

Friday  - REST!!

Saturday - My first 6 miler. I ran to the gun club and back. The roads were nice and clear and I maintained my HMP of 10:30 quite well ( I know it probably looks super slow, but thats life!)

Sunday - Fire Hall Workout - Richard planned a doozy! We started with a great warm up then paired up. Tim and Rich and Renee and I. We worked at partners with one person starting and the second waiting for the first to finish before starting. We finished all 3 rounds before going to the next exercise. I am feeling the effects of DOMS today!!

3 rounds:

 8 dead lifts - 135#
pushups to failure

1 min rest

10 push press 45#
20 kettle bell swings 26#

1 min rest

20 wall balls 14#
ring rows to failure

1 min rest

20 weighted walking lunges 10 # each hand
dips to failure.

I spent a good portion of the day stretching out my hamstrings and hip flexers!

I hope you had a terrific workout week.
I have this week planned and hope to get 3 solids runs in along with 3 cross fit workouts.

What do you have planned?


  1. Awesome workout week! My plan is running and Cathe XTrain this week.

  2. Telephone pole intervals! Genius! I feel kind of dumb I hadn't thought of this before. I am doing it- next time it is warm enough to run outside! I am a weather wuss.


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