Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Anniversary and an update.

This week marks my second Runiversary!!!!

It's true. 2 years ago April 2, marked my first ever run. I had just joined "Spring shape up" - a program designed to you get moving and in shape before summer. It also coincides with training for the Manitoba Half Marathon held every Father's Day in Winnipeg, Manitoba..

I started out that first Saturday morning with plans to WALK the 5K distance. I was in decent shape and easily walked 20 km a week if not more. We joined up as a group at the start of a hwy to nowhere and did a group warm up. Then our trusty leader instructed us on how to run. She gave a great demo that had us running along side her. She had us run to different milestones and integrated walking intervals. She played many tricks on this nonrunning mamma! For example we would run one telephone pole and walk the next; or she would have us run 20 steps and walk 20 steps. Before we knew it we were done an entire 5K!!

I was shocked and felt very very accomplished! Who knew I had what it took to be a RUNNER!!
My running experience didn't end there. The class was held 3 days a week - Monday, Thursday we did 1 hr long boot camp style workout followed by a run of varying distances. The workouts were tough and the runs challenging. I was by no means fast, nor could I run the entire distances. Saturdays comprised of a long run that was designed to build our endurance for the up coming half marathon. We ran short intervals starting with 5 mins run 1 min walk and worked out way up to 7 and 1 intervals for the big race.

And yes I did run that big race!! The instructor convinced me that I could do it, and while I hit the wall many times and had minor injuries including crazy painful blisters (before I discovered running socks) and some minor IT band and runner's knee issues. I still crossed that finish line with 2 other girlfriends a mere 10 weeks after my first ever run. It was an exhilarating feeling!!

So here's my advice - GET OUT THERE AND TRY!! You don;t have to be a runner, or in perfect shape or fast. Its ok to go slow or go short. Its ok to walk when you get tired. JUST GO!!!! It will get easier. There will be set backs. Just keep moving forward :)

Now for my Sugar Detox Update! - I haven't been perfect. There has been the odd cup of coffee or tea with a tiny bit of honey. There have been homemade mini blueberry muffins. There was some flavoured almond milk and vanilla yogurt. But I have not had one cookie, or piece of cheesecake (that is wasting away in my fridge as we speak). I have not had ANY Easter Candy or M&Ms. Not one!!
So I am still considering this a success!!

Do you run?
Do you remember your first run?? Tell me about it :)

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