Sunday, April 14, 2013


Its not secret that running is definitely on my brain these days.

I wrote an earlier post on how I joined Spring Shape up, a program that gets you ready to run the Manitoba Half Marathon.  This program starts really slow but builds a terrific foundation to help a person "finish" the half marathon.

At this point in my life I want to do more than just "finish" I am ready to PR and I don't want a little PR I want to kill it! My best official half time is 2:19. I am hoping to be faster than 2:15. My Manitoba time 2 years ago was close to 2:30.

In order to achieve this goal I have been hitting the pavement hard 3 days a week.

Mondays I run with the group - an easy 2 miles plus hill repeats.

Saturdays we have a "long run" as a group down Nungessor road.

The only problem with this is that the so called "long run" isn't actually long. Its actually shorter than my base line short runs of 4 to 5 miles. Not to mention all the "long runs" are interval run/walks. I am not planning on intervalling ( if that's even a word lol) the race so they don't really help at this point.

This little problem had me rethinking my running schedule.

So for the last two weeks I have been running my own LSR and joining the running group for some short camaraderie. Although they run intervals we are adding a little push into the running portion (sub 9 min miles) which is somewhat working as speed work for me, I hope.

This weeks was a terrific run. The weather cooperated, I had a strong head wind on my way out, but that worked into a tail wind for my way home! Bonus!!!

I finished a solid 9 miles in 1:38. That time had me super pleased as Red Lake is super hilly and the Manitoba race is super flat. I had nice negative splits and would have killed that last 2 miles had they been flat.

Have you been out running??
ARe you training for a race or a PR??

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