Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Detoxing!!!

Hi again,

Before you get all worked up, No I am not a drug addict. But, I am taking this week to detox.

Laura over at Mommy Run Fast is hosting a Short but Sweet Sugar Detox.

It only lasts the week but will definitely be long enough for this Fit Mamma to clean out my system.

This is a HUGE CHALLENGE for me! I am not necessarily a sugar addict (denial??). I don't eat copious amounts of candy or other sugar laden snacks, but I DO use honey daily in my coffee and tea. I DO eat a handful of M&Ms several days a week. I DO eat flavoured yogurt or sweetened almond milk. I DO bake each and every week.

While I have TIDIED  up my diet over the last 3 months It is far from being CLEAN. So I guess in a sense its time to do a little internal SPRING CLEANING.

HERE are MY perimeters for this detox:

NO - sugar, honey or maple syrup added to foods.

NO - pop or sugary drinks (this one is easy for me)

NO - flavoured yogurt or milk

NO - cookies, candies, or baked goods.

NO - granola bars

I will eat: Protein bars when necessary.

I will eat bread etc. even if it has sugar on the ingredients list (I am a runner after all)

I will eat both fruits and vegetables and may have a glass of 100% juice.

I will do my best to read all ingredients lists and avoid where I can and TRY my BEST to eat whole foods. But I am a busy mamma who needs to keep her kids happy and fed. I refuse to make separate dinners.

Have you ever gone through detox?
Do you consume a large amount of sugar?

I was surprised this morning that I actually didn't mind my coffee sans honey! Who knew!!

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