Saturday, January 19, 2013


Welcome to the first post at Fit Mamma :)

I am currently heading into my third week at Best Body Boot Camp, BBB, and its time to start thinking about my goals for the next two weeks. One of the components to being successful in BBB is to choose 2 goals to focus on for a week or two and successfully meet those goals for 5 days out of 7. My last goals were very simple and obtainable - drink 64 oz of water a day and eat 7 freggies a day. I got these ideas from my last challenge HBBC. However, I thinks its time to try something new.

I got thinking about goals last night as I was brushing my teeth, I'm pretty sure one of my goals will be to floss every day. This is something I do pretty regularly, but often let slip when I get tired or lazy. I was trying to choose a second goal. To be honest I am finding it kind of tough.
While I love a good challenge I am usually better when someone tells me what to do, picking it myself is tough. It needs to be hard enough to make it a goal, but not so hard that I can't do it. For example I would never give up coffee! I also don't want it to be so freaking specific that I spend my days calculating the grams of protein and stressing about every morsel of food. I am also not ready to give up all sugar for 2 weeks.

There are a ton of acronyms out their for goal selection even my 12 year old knows SMART! The idea behind it is to choose a goal that you can be successful at, no one wants to choose something and fail. That's not the idea, but it also needs to be hard enough to push you. The idea behind the goals portion of BBB is to help us challenge ourselves and create new and lasting positive changes.

I am pretty sure that I will stick with flossing and I should  will add 20 minutes of stretching and meditation to my goals as well.  Stretching is truly a treat for my body and I don't spend enough time doing it. To make it tougher it will have to be 20 minutes of only stretching and focusing on my breathing not a quick quad stretch as I cook supper.

So there you have it my first post!

Are you in BBB or another challenge?
What are your goals??


  1. Congrats on your first post! I agree that setting your own goals can be as challenging as reaching them at times.
    My goals for Jan/Feb are:
    Lose 1" in the waist by 2/14
    Work out 4x a week
    Learn to art of lifting
    Read a book
    Make it to church every Sunday
    Make someone's day (random act of kindness )
    Learn to eat clean on a regular basis

    Good luck with your challenges and goals!

  2. I am a BBB4 girl too. Great challenges they really need to push but also something attainable. Will be glad to follow. I am finding this BBB is Very challenging indeed.

  3. Yay for BBB4 Ladies! My goals are to record my food and make sure I eat enough protein at every meal. They are seriously difficult to stick with, but worth it!

  4. So proud of you for doing this blog! You will love it!! I am also coming off of my first ever HBBC and now my first BBB...LOVING IT! My goals for this week are to eat 1 healthy snack 5/7 days and stretch for 5 minutes 5/7 days! GOOD LUCK!!

  5. My main goal for this year is to work out at least 5 days a week.


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