Monday, March 4, 2013


Today's challenge for Healthy sELF is to list 20 things for which we are grateful for. While this can seem really tedious or silly, it is actually a terrific activity. Recognizing the "good" things in our lives helps to foster a healthy positive mindset that allows us to move through life feeling happier.

Here is my list:

20 Things for which I am Grateful

  1. My husband - he honestly loves me for who I am and supports me in almost every thing I do.
  2. My kids  - they keep me on my toes and the true reason I live my life.
  3. Hot coffee - see #1 and # 2 
  4. Flexible job - it allows me the time to take care of my kids and myself.
  5. Portable technology - specifically my iphone and garmin.
  6. A warm house.
  7. Readily available knowledge at my finger tips.
  8. Fantastic coaches and teachers - they make my life easier while supporting my children's growth and development
  9. Friends - in person and online.
  10. Heated seats - winter mornings and trips to and from the arena are pretty chilly in Northern Canada!
  11. woollen mittens 
  12. Moms who send me authentic maple syrup at an incredible price!
  13. Dads who support me in so many ways
  14. Workout Buddies who encourage and push me to limits I never thought possible!
  15. My Day Planner - it keeps me sane!
  16. Great books - that take me to far away places and times and help me escape.
  17. Really hot showers after a hard workout.
  18. My safe little town - where I can run free without free for myself or my family.
  19. PVR - this may seem funny, but it has made me a better person!
  20. LOVE - as corny as it sounds I am truly grateful for the love in which I am surrounded by each and every day!

What are you grateful for??


  1. Love your list! Especially #3 =) I don't have kids, and don't drink coffee, but I couldn't face the day without a diet coke...

    It's so nice seeing all the wonderful things people have to be thankful for.


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