Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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Its Tuesday!

My Mom is turning 60 next Monday! Rather than buy her something she really doesn't need or want I thought it would be fun to surprise her with a quick visit. My middle daughter, Emily, and I are traveling together to Montreal this Friday and will spend the weekend helping Nana celebrate and return home next Tuesday.

While traveling can be should be fun, and a time to let loose, it doesn't mean you have to completely for go your diet or exercise regime. You may have already read my post about how to eat on the go, well this post will focus on tips for how to get a work out in while you travel.

1.  Research! - this is really important especially if you are traveling to a new location. What will the weather be like? Can you run/ walk outdoors (this may be a really nice change if you are traveling from a cold climate to a warm climate)? Is there a gym nearby? How safe is the neighbourhood? If you are staying in a hotel - do they have a fitness centre?

2. Pack right! - if you are only making a quick trip you can probably make do with one workout outfit, yes you can wear the same bra and socks again! We workout freaks enthusiast are usually not too picky about throwing on a stinky tee knowing very well it will be drenched in sweat again shortly. Again pack for the climate, you need very different outfits for an outside run that you do for a spin class.

3. Be creative! - Going to a larger centre (I am leaving a town of 5000 for a city of 1 000 000!) try something new! Always wanted to try out a Cross fit Box? or take a Barre class. Look for one in the new location. Many gyms / classes offer a free class. This is also a terrific time to catch some new scenery as you run through various neighbourhoods or trails

4. But be smart! - perhaps enlist a friend / co worker / family member to go with you if you do venture into new territory. Also remember to carry some I.D, hotel contact info, and cash with you. You never know when they can come in handy. And also be sure to tell someone where you will be going.

5. Be Flexible! - if trying a new gym, class or running path can't happen or your hotel doesn't have a fitness centre don't be discouraged. My Mom doesn't have a treadmill or weights kicking around so I plan to use the Web to help me get my sweat on. There are a million great web sites that offer FREE workouts that can be done in a small space. Not to mention the plethora of workouts that can be found on pinterest. I have some on my fitness page that you can find on the pinterest link. As for me I think I'll be doing something like :


 source : gnc-travel-crossfit-wod

She rocks in my humble opinion! I use her workouts all the time!

Here's a peak at my outdoor running clothes:

Do you travel often?
Do you workout while traveling?
Do you try new gyms or classes or just use the hotel gym?

I hope to get a outside run in (it should be about 20 degrees warmer in Montreal!) and one or two in home workouts done! Can't start slipping on BBB now! 

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