Thursday, February 21, 2013

What We've Been Eating

Its been a busy busy week for the Szaflik Family!

Here's a bit of a recap as to what I've been cooking!

Monday was Family Day in Ontario and we made the most of it, even though it was crazy cold!!!

We started the day with yummy french toast and bacon. Later that morning I started whole wheat Cinnamon Buns to enjoy after our ski.

For dinner I put a pork tenderloin into my slow cooker and made this recipe we ate roasted asperagus and sweet potatoes as our sides.


Even the kids loved it!
I borrowed this photo from the recipe site!

Tuesday we were all back to work with meant school lunches and coffee and left over cinnamon buns for snacks. Along with our usual fresh fruit and veggies.

For dinner I used the left over pork to create Quesadillas and wraps with home made guacamole and fruit salad.

I ate the left overs for lunch on Wednesday! Man they were so good!

We were planning on this GEM of a recipe for Dinner Wednesday night, but a busy day and after school meetings left me too tired to cook, so it was Kraft Dinner (Mac and cheese for my American friends) for the kiddos and eggs for mamma.

I did find the time yesterday to bake up this yummy loaf. It is low fat and super tasty. It made a terrific bed time snack to go with my David's Tea.

Today's challenge from Healthy sELF came at the perfect time - make a green smoothie. I enjoyed this yummy berry banana smoothie with vanilla protein powder and lots of fresh kale after this morning's workout!

Tonight I really hope to make that Coconut rice shrimp bowl from Nutrition Ella. I've got all the ingredients ready to go.

What are you having for dinner??

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