Sunday, February 24, 2013

workout recap

Since we are now in the last 2 week session of BBB
I really wanted to go hard and give it my all. Now is the time to really see what I am made of.

I decided there were going to be no modifications or substitutions done this week. I also made it my goal to seriously put in an effort to reduce my sugar/ fat/ sweets in take. I really just want to see what kind of results I can achieve when I put in a whole hearted effort.

Here's a breakdown of my week's workout.

Sunday - As always Sunday is our Cross Fit session at the Fire Hall. Our usual coach is taking a break due to family needs (he has 4 kids!!) So I modified a great workout of that I found here. This site has amazing workouts that are tailored to meet the needs of busy mammas like myself. SHe also scales the weight to make it more manageable as most mammas are not as strong as typical CrossFit athletes.
2 rounds of: 
20 deadlifts 95# 
30 wall balls 
20 ring rows 
30 box jumps 
20 SDLHP 20 kg 
30 burpees 
20 push press 45# 
30 walking lunges

We were DONE at the end! I always love how this tough workout really sets the pace for my week.

Monday - I did 4 rounds of BBB strength A. In this workout we had to superset a strength move with a 20 sec cardio boost. The cardio boosts included : 180 squats and high knees. The strength moves inlcuded: pull ups, push ups, and a few others. Because I chose 4 rounds of this bad ass workout I was able to opt out of the additional cardio. Its much more preferable for me to keep going and push through the extra rounds and not have to do something else afterwards.

I also snuck in a short 2 mile ski with the kiddos in the afternoon :)

Tuesday - Turbofire 45 Fire workout. In order to really push myself I knew it was time to try some of the harder Turbo fire workouts. This one was not a total hit workout but she included several fire drills that had me dripping with sweat by the end. I will really be able to up the intensity once I get a handle on the choreography.

Wednesday- It was a hard day for me. I had Dr. Appointments, vehicle maintenance, parent teacher interviews and kids  manage. I wasn't able to get my workout done during the day so I saved it for that evening. Although I was really tired I forced my self to push through Strength B with Rebecca.  Again it was design for 4 rounds of 5 sets of 2 supersets. This time the cardio bursts were mountain climbers and bench hops. Since I don't have a bench I opted for box jumps (just as tough in my opinion). The strength moves included: down dog push ups (my fav) two arm fly and bench dips with a kick.

Thursday - Back to Turbo Fire, this time I did a 30 min Hiit session! IT WAS INSANE!! But I made it through and loved it!!

Friday - Tim had the day off so I quickly ran through 1 round of strength C - ladders of strength and burpees!! Then we went out for a 4 mile ski! It was incredible. The temp was perfect and the trail had just the right about of rolling hills to make it work but fun.

Saturday -  REST!!! (much needed too)

Today Also marks the start of my HALF - MARATHON Training. While I am not running today I am changing m weekly workout schedule to fit in 3 weekly runs. I am hoping that 2 short runs plus 1 long run and 3 strength session will be the right thing for me right now. I will miss Turbo Fire, but I may add a short hiit workout now and again.

As for my food goals. I made it 4 days so far without dessert. It was Becca's 14th birthday yesterday so there has been cake and jello and lots of snacks kicking around. But I am trying and I did make it Sunday through Thursday without a treat, so that is real progress for me. Baby steps right!

How was your week?
Did you push harder than usual?

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