Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Motivation

Yup, It's Monday  again already. Its hard to believe February is almost over! Not only that BBB is almost over :(  This is my last week with the Best Body Boot Camp and I intend to make the very most of it. While I certainly have great workout habits, I sometimes struggle with food temptations.  So, for today's MONDAY MOTIVATION I stole  compiled a few terrific tumblr pics that will help me make better choices in the kitchen.

#1 rule in my opinion, choose more foods without label than with labels.

So easy, so simple!

These two pics bring to mind Brendan Brazier's  Thrive Forward Program
He promotes healthy eating and choosing nutrient dense foods over empty calories.
I highly suggest checking out his site for great tips and videos.

In the end being balanced is the most important key to "diet".

I personally don't believe in "DIETS" only because I don't think they work, especially for the average person. While a lot of people have jumped onto the "clean" or "paleo" bandwagon ( and that's great for them) I know that I cannot sustain any restrictive diet long term, which in turn sets me up to fail. I simply follow what I call a "traditional" lifestyle. I eat as much whole food as I can, including wheat and dairy (I have no food sensitivities and I feel for those that do). I cook my meals most of the time and bake weekly. I try to avoid sugary or processed foods when possible, but I do indulge once in a while. 

I hope these tumblr pics help motivate you into make great food choices. Have a terrific week :)

Do you struggle with food?
Do you follow a specific diet?

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  1. This is perfect!! SO what I believe and feel!!! Great POST


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