Friday, February 1, 2013

Workout Recaps

I cannot believe that I have not yet recapped my weeks of workouts! I personally tweet, facebook, and log each and every workout into Daily Mile each and every day, but have not yet shared here.

Well, that is about to change!

I'll save you the pain of having to read through each workout I've done lately and share the big ones from January!

We started the month off right in our house with a 5K commitment walk. I know it is supposed to be a 5K run, however the gyms were closed and the roads were treacherous! So hubbie and I walked. It took us just over an hour, but it felt great to start the year off right!

Around the same time we did a major cross fit bench mark - ANGIE - She was a b*tch to say the least. 100 jumping pull ups, 100 sit ups, 100 push ups, and 100 squats. I finished in 14:39, I cheated most of my push ups and did them on my knees. We hope to revisit Angie soon to see if we have made any gains.

The rest of the month was pretty typical; I started Best Body Boot Camp and visited the gym on a regular basis with strength training and cardio on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Cardio and core on Tuesday and Thursday.  I love this program and I can't say enough about the plans that Tina Reale designs. They really force you out of your comfort zone and have you try new exercises weekly.

I have also continued to go to Sunday's Cross Fit Workout at the Fire Hall. James is another rock star who comes up with some CRAZY WODs!

I got a new PR for my dead lift: 135 lbs. It also knocks a major goal off my 2013 goal list - to lift my own body weight!

My Favourite had to be the 1000 rep workout that we did 2 weekends ago.
10 exercises 100 reps of each in 45 mins or less. None of us completed it but we came close.
Here is my break down:
100 ring rows
100 walking lunges
100 push ups
100 burpees
100 dead lifts
100 kettle bell swings
50 box jumps
70 push press
30 wall balls
1000 m row - The cut off time came half way through my row but I refused to give up!

I hurt for several days after this workout but it rocked anyway!

Last weekend I was out of town, but I refused to let that slow me down. I found a great WOD on this site (Jess at the blonde ponytail is my hero! I love her workouts!)
I did the "Out of the Box WOD" 
6 rounds of:
0.5 mi run, 10 pushups, 20 sit ups, and 30 squats.
Having completed that workout early in the morning while my skater slept had me feeling terrific all day!

I finished the week with 3 more BBB workouts including today's 100 rep workout - 100 reps of 10 different strength exercises! Wow my legs were a shakin'!

As I am still feeling sick, with a cold, I decided to keep my germs at home and did some great at home cardio including Turbo fire 30 min fire and this fun workout I found on pinterest, I love that site!!

According to Daily Mile:
I spent 21 hours working out with 6 workouts a week.
I also moved 30 miles! Yahoo!
I averaged 3 strength, 5 cardio, 1 cross fit plus yoga every week! Not too Shabby!

Have you been off to a terrific start?
Do you have specific goals for February? I'll share mine next time :)


  1. I love the 1000 CrossFit workout you did, and I'm gonna give that one a try myself. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you Andrea! I was really proud to have completed such a challenging workout!


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